Our Unique Equitable Payment Plan

Whole brain thinking starts with a powerful question: Does it work? When we directed this question towards the world’s wealth distribution our answer was a resounding NO! This had us create the Equitable Payment Plan.

Here's how it works:

1. You should not pay unless you get value. Therefore you pay at the end of the month, and not at the start of the month. 
2. If you do get value, you should pay.
3. What you should pay, must be within your means.

Therefore, if the recommended price of $697 is not aligned with your budget, select an alternative price from our drop-down menu.

Here's what you need to know.  Your participation to whole brain thinking is much more important right now than how much money you have. 

Fully sponsored memberships are available. If you require one, please  [email protected] and inquire about our membership scholarships. And if you can pay a little extra, please consider donating to our scholarship fund. 

Together we can change the world.

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Adele Spraggon is an award -winning author, a thought leader, an international trainer and a fearless speaker. In 2020, she was awarded the Woman of Inspiration: Customer Experience Award, and in 2021, she was recognized as the Top Behavioural Expert of the Year by IAOTP: International Association of Top Professionals. In May of that year she was featured on the cover of the T.I.P Magazine: Top Industry Professionals magazine.

Her book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment has won three awards for its powerful message of inspiration and hope and is sweeping the globe, transforming how people are setting and achieving their goals.

Hear from some of our Pattern Makers

Rena Granofsky. ~ Retail Trusted Advisor. Domain expert on technology & business process

Very quickly after becoming a member, I determined that I was playing too small and I could really be playing a lot bigger and have a much bigger impact on the world. Today, I figure out what’s right for me and just do it, in a much more calm way.

Sylvia Plester-Silk. Catalyst, Speaker, Author at On Purpose Consulting and Energy Therapist

It has completely changed my life. It’s so hard to say in a few words how much has happened. My business is now flowing and I’m getting clients on a weekly basis. I’m happy. I’m so incredibly happy!

Alicia Saint, ACC, ATC. Certified Coach/Change Agent/Purpose Creator

I was a perfectionist, always striving to do it right because I always had this terrible fear of failing. How incredibly freeing it is to let go of that fear. The world becomes your oyster.

 Teresa (Terri) Slack and Connie Smith ~ Financly Bookkeeping Solutions

My big stumbling block was being able to get up and present myself. Being free of the patterns of fear and worry, has been life changing. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off me.

Samia Sheikh ~ Broker at Royal Lepage Terrequity Realty‚Äč

Six months and I made what I usually make in one year – and without any effort! People say ‘without any effort, but this was literally without ANY effort!

Janet Dillon ~ Mortgage Agent, AMP

The most exciting thing is even if you’re in this and the people in your family aren’t doing it, your way of being changes their way of being and then everything becomes more harmonious

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Join for $697.00