This month I celebrate four years in business.

It has been quite a ride.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. There is a lot of truth is that the old cliché, “It takes 10 years to be an overnight success.” However, as I enter my fourth year I can now rightly say ‘I’ve made it!’

Of course I know, with 100% certainty that I couldn’t have done it without the 4-Step Repatterning Technique.

How do I know this?

Because before I created this powerful method of getting rid of unworkable patterns I had already quit 3 viable businesses due to my fear of success. Without this technique I would most certainly have quit this one too.

So today I present you with the top 5 patterns I had to deconstruct before I could succeed. Now of course, if you are stuck in your path to success your patterns won’t be the same as my patterns. That’s why I want to gift you with this FREE guide entitled the Top 7 Patterns that are Keeping You Bummed Out.


The Top 5 Patterns I Had to Deconstruct Before I Could Be a Successful Business Owner

Today is the anniversary of Shaped Within… four years ago this week I incorporated. As I look back on the last few years and find myself totally grateful for the 4-Step Repatterning Technique that got me here.

In this article I present the top 5 patterns I had to deconstruct before I could get to success.

Pattern 1: “I am not a business woman”

I smile sheepishly when I look back to my first two years in business. I was hiring coach after coach, investing in program after program in an attempt to ‘become a business woman’. The irony was that it was precisely this pattern that was preventing me from becoming a business woman. Business women are business women because they own their own businesses and we become successful business women by working in our businesses. It was only after I deconstructed this pattern that I could stop learning and start doing.

Pattern 2: “Leaders are arrogant”

Oh, what a fear I had about being seen as arrogant. This might even be a female cultural pattern – I hear many women sharing this same fear. It took quite a bit of deconstructing before I could see that confidence is not arrogance, believing in myself is not arrogance, knowing that I do good work is not arrogance, it is just what a good leader knows themselves as. Today the word arrogant never enters my mind.

Pattern 3: “I am not good at public speaking”

I know I have shared this one before but this was one of my scarier patterns and so it is worth sharing again. I never dreamed I could ever get over my fear of public speaking. I remember the first time I deconstructed this pattern, I was still deconstructing as I stepped up to the microphone that day (thank God for a two-minute technique that you can do in the privacy of your own head). I remember going through the 4 steps, feeling nervous as heck and then suddenly the pattern let go and I stepped up to the mike with total confidence. There was no fear, no worry about what I was going to say, I was just totally connected to my audience and loving being on stage.

Pattern #4: “I am not worth that much”

When I first started in business I was giving away 6 weeks of live classes for $300 and this included tea, coffee and snacks! At first I could justify it by saying it was a pilot program but I continued to undervalue my services long after the results I provided were proven. It wasn’t until I deconstructed the patterns around my own self-doubt about who I was that I could start charging the rates that my services demanded. This taught me that sometimes as business owners — our own worth gets all tied up in the worth of our services and we need to untangle both of these patterns before we will ever charge the rates we deserve.

And then there was Pattern 5: My people pleasing pattern

Believe it or not this one brought out the most shame in me. As I looked at the intertwined physical sensation, emotion and thought that made up this pattern I was most ashamed and embarrassed about my uber-desire to please. The result of being a people pleaser was that I changed direction anytime someone offered an opinion that conflicted with mine – a pattern that was absolutely devastating for my business. Yet precisely because this one had such an emotional charge meant that once I had deconstructed it a whole lot of tied up energy got released… energy that I now had to invest in my business.

So there you have it. My top 5 patterns that I needed to deconstruct in order for me to succeed. As I reflect back on the last three years I am amazed by how much my patterns have changed. And my patterns will not be the same as your patterns. Therefore, I would like to gift you the Ultimate Success Guide: The Top 7 Patterns that Are Keeping You Bummed Out. If you struggle with getting to success you will want to grab your copy. I have outlined the top most common patterns that interfere with success. Included with each pattern is a pattern busting technique that you can use anytime you get caught up in one of these patterns. Oh and did I mention it’s my anniversary gift to you. Click here to get your copy.

Adele xo