This month I have been blogging about why the law of attraction may not be working for you. You can watch all three of the video’s leading up to this one here. In this last post I would like to leave you with these final thoughts.

Watch the video: Patterns Explained

Have you ever compared yourself to an iceberg? No – I don’t mean you are cold, I meant we human beings have parts of us that are visible and parts that exist below the surface.

At the top of the iceberg, the part that sticks out of the water, are all the things we know about ourselves. Up above the surface is everything we believe, everything we say and everything we do. Under the surface are our patterns and patterns are responsible for everything that is above the water.

The teachings in the law of attraction tell us we should be able to control what is above the surface and so we try to change our negative thoughts into positive ones. Yet this doesn’t always work. Despite our best efforts, fears and doubts still creep in and stop us from moving forward.

Instead of blaming ourselves, let’s start questioning the theory because the mind is along for the ride and it rides on the back of our patterns. Once we form a pattern the mind can’t think any other thoughts than the one’s provided by that pattern.

Here’s how it works: None of us are born with patterns. Instead, we created them — from the day we were born we became little sponges. Whenever we encountered a new situation in which we didn’t have a pattern we would take whatever physical sensation, emotion and thought we were experiencing at the time and stored it away in our pattern box.

We did this for good reason. It is so whenever we encounter a similar situation to the one in the past, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, all we have to do is pull out this pattern and voila, we know exactly what to think.

So let’s say in the past the situation you were in generated a negative emotion such as fear and a negative thought such as, “I’m not good enough”. Today you will continue to run and think that way whenever you are in a similar situation.

An understanding of patterns shows us positive thinking is impossible in that situation. Not that positive thinking isn’t possible ever… it’s just that in order to think positive we first need to get that pattern out of the pattern box. Whenever we find ourselves thinking negative all we need do isdeconstruct the pattern that is responsible for it and voila, positive thoughts follow.

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Adele xo

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