Here’s a question?  Are you a trailblazing entrepreneur? 

All entrepreneurs are trailblazers of sorts, but some of you have trailblazing personalities that go deeper.  Trailblazing entrepreneurs can sometimes find running a successful business more challenging than other entrepreneurs.   In this video, I will cover what it is to be a trailblazer, how things can be trickier for the trailblazer, and lastly some tips to keep going if you are feeling stuck. 


  • Trailblazing entrepreneurs are non-conformists because they have to be – after all they are carving the path, not following it.
  • As trailblazers carve those new paths they butt up against strong cultural patterns which try to get them to conform.
  • This creates an internal conflict within that results in a lot of self-doubt which then further adds to them being stuck.
  • If you resonate with being a trailblazer, you don’t need someone to tell you what to do, you need training that brings about your own sense of personal empowerment and inner confidence.