Today I will address how to create a kick-ass intellectual property that sells.

Business is changing every day
and entrepreneurs are leading the way. 

It used to be those who have knowledge would rise to the top hierarchies. They would succeed by holding onto that knowledge or distributing it.

Today, knowledge is everywhere. All we have to do is turn on our computer on our desk, and we have access to all the knowledge, actually more knowledge than we need. The problem as I see it is that coaches and consultants even product designers they're still trying to lead with their knowledge. They're still trying to make that their access to the market out there, and it's not working so well. The best the intellectual property being created is a 10% tweak on somebody else's intellectual property. We are sometimes stuck with other people's leftovers.

We will look at how you can create your own unique intellectual property, and it will take you way beyond anything that you imagine for yourself and for your business.