Today, I want to answer the question, why do we say we will do one thing and then do the exact opposite.  Alternatively, say we will not do something and then find ourselves doing exactly that.  For example, when we say, today I am going to start a diet, and then we find ourselves eating cookies in front of the TV, or today I will create a lovely family dinner and then find ourselves nagging our spouse the minute he or she walks through the door.   


a pattern is an intertwined physical
sensation, emotion and thought. 

Knowing that the reason you take an action is because, that is the action that the pattern takes, allows you to change the focus.  Now if you don’t like that action, you can get to work removing the pattern, rather than beating yourself up trying to change something after the fact.   You have plenty of patterns in the pattern box.  Including that pattern that wants you to take a different action.  Remove the one that is not working, and a workable pattern will take its place.