How well do you handle criticism?

Before you answer that question, check this out:

Soon after this came out, ‘Mrs. Fletcher’ became the laughing stock of North America.

As one Phoenix reporter said, “From coast to coast, from playground to barroom, an enfeebled whine rings out across the land. All together now: ‘I’ve fallen... and I can’t get up!’”

“Mrs. Fletcher” made her way onto T-shirts, into stand-up comedy routines, she was even turned into a novelty song.

Now just imagine that this was your baby – that you were the producer of this commercial.

You put out what you think is good work, and rather than people liking it, everyone criticizes it.

What would you do?

Take it off the air? Bury your head in shame? Consider it a failure?

How often do you throw away your ideas just because somebody else tells you they are no good?

What did Life Call do?

HA! They trademarked the line “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up”.

Criticism be damned. ‘Mrs. Fletcher’ was now a household name and Life Call cashed in.

So, go ahead… kick other people’s opinions to the curb.

Who knows… you just might go viral!

And if you have a pattern that is overly concerned about what others think it is time to remove that pattern.

You weren’t made to follow the path, you were made to carve it.

Until next time,

Adele xo