Struggling to succeed using the law of attraction or positive mindset techniques?

There’s a reason for that.

There is a buzz about mindset out there… have you noticed?

It’s hard to miss.

Almost everyone touts mindset as being the key to success.

Sometimes when we hear something often enough, we think that it must work…

… which means that many people end up blaming themselves when it doesn’t work for them.

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Last blog I outlined the dangers of positive thinking.

Affirmations, positive thinking, visualizations, etc. all rely on changing your thoughts in order to change your actions.

The problem is, your thoughts have very little to do with your actions.

Patterns take actions. To change your actions, you first need to change your patterns and a pattern is an intertwined physical sensation, emotion and thought.

This means that to understand patterns you need to start by understanding your emotional triggers.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how logical do you think you are?

Turns out, human beings are not really logical at all. In fact, mostly we use logic to back up an emotional decision.

President Donald Trump!

Quick, what emotion did you just experience?

I bring him up because you might be for him or against him, but most people are not neutral when it comes to Donald.

So, what is your emotion?

  • Confidence, fear?

  • Rebelliousness, anger?

  • Trust, hopelessness?

  • Indignant, helpless?

Whatever that emotion is, notice how your thoughts are all aligning in support of that emotion.

Here’s an interesting experiment done at the University of Texas.

Two groups where shown two pictures. One was of a plump chicken and one was of a sickly, skinny looking chicken.

The first group was told that the plump chicken was tasty, but not all that healthy, and the skinny chicken was healthy, but not all that tasty.

The second group was told the opposite. The plump chicken wasn’t all that tasty, but it was healthy - the skinny chicken was tasty, but not all that healthy.

Guess which chicken both groups selected?

If you said the plump one you would be right.

The first backed up their choice by saying that taste was more important than health.

The second by saying that health was more important than taste.

Logically however, both were wrong.

The decision had nothing to do with their logical argument. Emotions ran the show.

The plump chicken won out because they had formed an emotional connection with the plump chicken just by the picture.

Our emotional triggers are quick too…

… ever find yourself giving someone the finger on the highway? (Not to worry, your emotional triggers made you do it… (heehee)

The mind is along for the ride, and it rides in on the back of your patterns.

Until next time,

Adele xo