If a full year program is not something you are ready for BUT you need to make some changes now...

then DEEP DIVE might be for you

The Deep Dive is Adele's exclusive one on one call with only the most select individuals. People like you who have tried everything else and yet keep making the same mistakes (or creating new ones) and keep repeating the same patterns.



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    During this 90 minute one on one call, you and Adele will identify what is in your way right now. You will uncover your personal roadblocks and together, you will dig deeper to find all the underlying beliefs and behaviors linked to that immediate block.

    Because Adele is a master listener, she will often surprise you by asking you to talk more about something you have dismissed as unimportant. She may pick up on a slight hesitancy in your voice or an unusual way of describing something that hints at its hidden importance.

    By the end of this exploratory journey, you will have a list of blocks that will surprise you. They are often nothing like what you have been trying to ‘fix’ for the past few weeks or months or years. 

    And now the genius of the Deep Dive begins. With the real block identified you go from feeling lost to feeling empowered. In the last part of the Deep Dive you will learn how to:

    • get unstuck, become unstoppable, and create rapid results,
    • ignite your productivity,
    • become an intuitive leader,
    • stay robustly positive in the face of challenges.

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    I just had a Deep Dive Call with Adele. I saw something new for myself that I hadn’t seen before that was having me stuck in my career. It wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong but that my perception was off. I have now created a new goal that I’m very excited about! I can’t wait to see what shows up. Thank you Adele!
    — Nora M Kelly

    By the way, your Deep Dive is completely within your control. You can discuss whatever is in your way. It does not have to relate to career or leadership. Sometimes our blocks to leadership show up most clearly in our relationships to our spouse or friends or ourselves.

    If you have made two or more attempts to ‘fix’ a problem and it something is still blocking your path to the wildly successful life you deserve, then it is time to take action. Typical solutions won’t help. Instead, we need to break the pattern underneath the block. We need to break through what is holding you back and unleash your genius together.

    Booking this Deep Dive with me will be the most liberating call you have ever had, and it could be one of the most valuable things you ever do for your business – and your life.




    Adele’s deep dive call is phenomenal. She took the time to really get to the core of my issue, helping me to identify and discern the underlying behaviours, actions and beliefs that are at the heart of my self-sabotaging patterns. With this clarity and insight I am already progressing toward liberating myself so I can move forward in my life and be more happy and alive.
    — Elsebeth Holm
    I feel that the biggest benefit I received from my deep dive call was that in recreating yourself, you can take it to the extreme the other way. What I mean by that is this. Up until 7 years ago I was a very angry man, and disliked everyone and everything and would nothing to no one. After undergoing my personal transformation, I went to the extreme opposite, and find myself enabling everyone around me, in my personal life and personal life, by accepting everything as it is, and never saying how I feel, just to keep the peace.

    This call made me understand that saying no is not a negative thing, and that it is ok to get angry, it is normal, and sometimes healthy to get angry occasionally. It’s all in how you handle it.

    Investing in the deep dive call is the best hour you can invest in yourself!
    — Billy Conquer Sales, Representative

    Are you ready to dive deep?

    Take advantage of the PROMO RATE oF ONLY $90

    with promo code: UNLEASH (SAVE $205!)