Mastery Program Welcome

Are you ready for the new you? 


Mastery Program Welcome

Are you ready for the new you? 

Are you ready to receive and embrace success in your personal life and/or business?

Then get ready to take the Next Leap



The Master Your Genius program is a full year program that will lead you through the process of up-leveling in every aspect of your life: your business or career, your relationships, yourself. 

You will have all the tools you need to break the patterns of behaviour (both conscious and unconscious) that have held you back from becoming the person you always wanted to be – and achieving the success you always dreamed of. 

Mastery is the pattern and roadblock destroyer that delivers a total confidence in your capabilities and a massive expansion of your joy and happiness, no matter what your circumstances.

Leap into your future with confidence, a clear path, and with all those patterns and roadblocks that held you back obliterated.

Feel that powerful rush of success you felt working with Adele in the past as you commit to achieve your dreams in EVERY aspect of your life.

Go ahead… Set those “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” because you are about to achieve them! 

You’re brave enough!

You’re ready!

Let’s Go!

It’s Your Time for Mastery!

Having already worked with Adele in the Unleash Your Genius Live Event or in her live webinar programs, then you know first hand the powerful impact this work has had on your life. It made you look at that issue differently and helped you overcome the patterns and obstacles that kept you stuck there. 

Adele workshop.jpg

It was powerful.

Imagine if you had access to all of the transformative tools in Adele’s magic Toolbox

How would your life change? What could you accomplish if there was nothing left in your way?

You will truly unleash your genius on a whole new level.

But what does "MASTERY" really mean? 

By the end of your program you will:

  • Earn the compensation you deserve.
  • Take on leadership roles with ease.
  • Communicate confidently no matter who you are talking to or what you want to say.
  • Expand your level of creativity past what your current patterns believe you can create.
  • Learn a new model for connection and communication that allows you to build powerful teams who support you in your projects.
  • Dance on the skinny branches of life, confident that no matter what life throws at you, you will handle it with ease.
  • The resilience to push through and gain insight from life’s challenges.
  • Transform anything negative from your past into an empowering future.
  • Fall madly in love with you.

This program is unlike anything else in the marketplace. 

Nowhere else will you experience the transformative power that comes with immersing yourself in Mastery.



Make your commitment


Make your commitment

You know you were made for more. Make your commitment to Mastery!

  • One year Program filled with insight, empowerment, tools, and skills
  • 5 3-day Master Your Genius intensive workshops
  • 44 classes and group coaching calls with your exclusive Mastery Group
  •  Master Your Genius Group membership, an elite network of executive movers and shakers with the same goals 
  • 10 private calls one-to-one with Adele
  • Priority access to Adele and her team at any time via email

Are you ready to commit to making this year your best year, and fully unleash your genius once and for all? Apply for the Master Your Genius Program.


1) Pay a refundable deposit of $995 by clicking the button - "I want to apply". 

2) Schedule a call with Adele via a link that you will receive by email.

3) During the call, if the program is not right for you, your deposit will be returned.

4) If you decide that you're ready to succeed and you're ready for Master Your Genius, your deposit will be applied to your full program payment(s).

Let's get started!