Repatterning Relationships

(Live On-going Weekly Coaching)

This is an on-going, weekly, group coaching class. We start with the Repatterning Creativity: Create Unique Intellectual That Sells course and continue on with the next course that the group chooses. No obligation, cancel anytime.

Join our community of fellow pattern makers and receive ongoing support to address whatever problems you are facing.

Why take this course?

In this course we’ll address the patterns in relationships. Learn how to listen using the unique Pattern Maker Way of listening that dissolves conflict.

Learn how to communicate freely without causing upset regardless of what you are communicating.

Pre-course, a personal On-boarding call is REQUIRED:

Upon registration, you will receive a link to book your own on-boarding call with Adele. This is a not to be missed, this telephone session is designed to ensure your success in this group class.

Prerequisite​ Required:

The Four Step Repatterning Workshop or a solid understanding of the 4 Step Repatterning Technique using the book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment

PLEASE NOTE: The live, coached course starts with the video lessons found in Week 2 of the on-demand program.  

We are all taught to see the past in a particular way, i.e as events that occurred and that are unchangeable. This week we will challenge this myth and ask, what is the past? Where is it?

Repatterning relationships through listening is to cultivate a mindset of curiosity and openness. This involves approaching your relationships with a willingness to learn and understand, rather than simply seeking to be heard or validated. By listening deeply and attentively to others, you can gain insight into their experiences and perspectives, and develop a greater sense of empathy and connection.
You will learn about the drama triangle and the role of the left brain in perpetuating negative relationship patterns. The session will explore the different ways in which our brain processes information and influences our behavior in relationships, and how this can lead to patterns of drama, conflict, and disconnection. You may also learn about the different factors that contribute to the drama triangle, such as power imbalances, poor communication, and unmet emotional needs.
You will learn about the role of wisdom, compassion, and trust in building healthy and fulfilling connections, and the role of the right brain in facilitating these qualities. The session will also explore the different ways in which our brain processes information and influences our behavior in relationships, and how this can lead to patterns of disconnection, mistrust, and conflict.
Ultimately, the cultivation of healthy and fulfilling relationships requires a willingness to listen, understand, and collaborate with others, rather than focusing on proving oneself “right” or the other person “wrong”. By recognizing the subjective nature of truth and the diversity of perspectives that shape our understanding of reality, we can build deeper connections and create more harmonious relationships in our lives.
The topic of active listening has come up as an important skill for improving communication and resolving conflicts. The session will explore the various ways in which we can listen deeply and attentively to others, and how this can help build stronger and more meaningful connections through the power of wisdom, compassion and trust.
An open Repatterning session (no new learning this week).
Bring you list and get ready to celebrate. Share your breakthroughs as you cross off all the patterns that used to hold you back.

Why join these on-going weekly classes?

Each week you get:
  • Adele’s ongoing support and coaching.
    • Bring whatever issues you are faced with this week and get direct access and support from Adele.

  • A community of fellow Pattern Makers
    • In our left-brain world it helps to be surrounded by whole-brain thinkers who are eager to celebrate your wins and support you when you need it

  • Repatterning Accountability
    • Sometimes the hardest thing about Repatterning is remembering to do it.  Don’t worry. We won’t let you forget.  Each week’s class includes a Repatterning session.

  • Four, Live Coached courses are included in your membership. (a $3,200 value)
    • Once a quarter, a course will be taught live for 8 weeks by Adele. Your group can choose which course you want Adele to teach that quarter. In between each course you get weekly live support and coaching on your area of concern from Adele.