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An Introduction to Repatterning

Your journey to whole brain thinking starts right now!

4 Step Repatterning Technique (Live)

8 Week program to learn the 4 Step Repatterning Technique.
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Includes live weekly coaching sessions for 8 weeks and full on-demand access during this time.

Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment – Virtual Book

Includes full access to a free account to Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment book readable completely online.

Live 4 Step Repatterning Group Start Dates 2023:

Not Sure If The 4 Steps is Right for You?
Book A Deep Dive Call

As a master listener, Adele will often surprise you by asking you to talk more about something that you have dismissed as unimportant. Adele may pick up on a slight hesitancy in your voice or an unusual way of describing something that hints at its hidden importance.

You speak, Adele listens. Every once in a while, Adele will speak up and ask you to write down the statement you just said. Because Adele hears the world through patterns, she is able to deliver a clarity that is unlike anything you might have experienced in the past.

This 90-minute, one-on-one call with Adele Spraggon provides much-needed answers. You will be surprised by what you discover.