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Adele Spraggon selected as Top Behavioural Change Expert of the Year 2021 by IAOTP

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a few members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, longevity in the field, other affiliations, and contributions to their communities.

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Adele Spraggon - Owner, Adele Spraggon

2020 Women of Inspiration™ Customer Experience Award

Adele Spraggon is an international speaker, trainer, facilitator, and award-winning author. She has guided thousands of people, around the world to lead happier more fulfilling lives, as well as helping CEOs create multi-million dollar businesses by showing them how to act, rather than react, to important decisions.

Her in-depth knowledge of the human condition comes partly from her Masters of Arts in Humanities, as well as her years of experience as a Certified Meditation Facilitator. The proprietary technology Adele teaches is now backed by the latest findings in neuroscience.

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Award Winning Author Adele Spraggon visits Global News Morning

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Adele Spraggon: Helping People Reach Unprecedented Levels of Success. Insights Success Magazine.

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Adele Spraggon - Owner, Adele Spraggon - PR Under Ground Report

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