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Repatterning Money - Adele Spraggon


Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that money is important. We need it to pay our bills, keep a roof over our heads, and feed our families. That said, it shouldn’t control you, or your happiness.We form feelings around money just like everything else in our lives. We chase it

What is Repatterning?

Repatterning is a much simpler term for self-directed neuroplasticity. The method I created is science-based and is used to break bad habits, change physical and emotional reactions to stressful events, and cope with change.

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What makes Adele Spraggon different? “What makes Adele Spraggon Different?”, is something that many of our clients have asked. So, I’ve decided to share a blog post that breaks down some of the things that set me apart from the crowd. A coach is a coach, right? Well, not exactly.