The World is Changing: Here's How to Prepare for Change

9 July, 2021

The world is changing. Have you noticed? Many of us are experiencing the change, feeling the change, and living the change, but are not sure of how to navigate the change. In the last vlog, I suggested that the world is moving from a dichotomous one to one of a paradox.

Today, I’d like to dive deeper into this shift in worldview, and how to prepare for change.

The Two Main Historical Changes in Humanity

preparing for changeThere are two ways that change has happened historically. One way is enough individuals change and that eventually ripples out and changes all of society – consider the French revolution in 1789, a period of intense social and political change that started when enough individuals had had enough of their oppressive monarchy.

The other way is humanity’s patterns change and causes the need for change at the individual level. This is one of these eras.

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Individual Change to Humanity Pattern Shift

Changes that originate at the level of the individual can be radical and can be massive, but not nearly as radical as a shift in humanity patterns.

prepare for changeWhy? Well for one thing we are facing global situations that we must navigate together. Climate change, mass extinction, pandemics, all of this is occurring on the outside and it is causing the individual to have to change after the fact to keep up. As the individual struggles to keep up, many of us are feeling the effects, stress, mental illnesses, anxiety, nervous disorders, fears, are all on the rise. And with this comes the ways of coping – isolation, addictions, conspiracy theories, autocratic governing.

In addition to global catastrophes, there is another more subtle reason for the change in humanity patterns. Our philosophy and understanding of the world are also shifting our understanding of our own human brain. Before continuing I’d like to remind the listener that I am not a neuroscientist. My area of expertise is in human behaviour. I am best described as a modern-day philosopher – I see the world through patterns, global, humanity patterns, group patterns and individual patterns.

So let’s do that now. What is resulting from our world of global catastrophes and of the changing understanding of our brain?

I suggested that we are moving from a world of dichotomy to a world of paradox. This is happening to us and we are all swept up in this move whether we know it or not — whether we resist it or not. Some people are trying to hang on tight to the past – but this desire to go backwards is no longer available to us. The more we cling, the more we will suffer as a result.

So today, I’d like to explore the era we are now leaving and the new era we are now entering.

Prepare to Change: The Era we Are Leaving Behind

Let’s start with the one we are leaving behind.

Most people when they look at the world they see it as occurring outside themselves. Things are separated from them – the trees look like they are arising outside of me. I get in my car and I feel like I am driving in something other than me, on a road that is outside of me.

But let’s explore this view slightly differently. My brain is locked inside a bony skull. It has no contact with the outside world. All it has to go on is electrical impulses that run down neural pathways and deliver me an impression of what is going on outside of me. So my brain and the outside world are very much intertwined. Can I know how much my brain is making up? Can I separate my brain from the outside world and say, that is happening outside me? No, not really. If I know how my brain is functioning I have to admit that I can’t know anything.

Now, this understanding of the human brain is relatively new. In fact, much of science in this area is quite new. It’s only been about two decades that science really started focussing on our brain, as modern brain scanners now have made that possible.

So where does this idea of inside and outside come from?

Neuroscientist, Andrew Newberg has done extensive research in this area.

Let’s take a couple of my experiences first. The first time this happened was before I had created the Repatterning technique. I was meditating in front of a window. Outside was the tree in my front yard. As I opened my eyes I looked at that tree and I saw that it and I were one of the same. I started laughing and the tree laughed with me. It was luminous. My consciousness had expanded to include the tree. I started looking around, the bushes, yes, I was there too. The grass, yes, there I was. The walls, yes, those too. Everywhere I looked I discovered myself. I wasn’t separate from the world, I was deeply immersed in it. These experiences, which Andrew Newberg calls small ‘E’ experiences, ‘E’ for enlightenment, are not uncommon amongst those who meditate, and the reason is simple.

You and I perceive the world as separate because we are taught to prioritize our left brain. Our left brain separates and divides, it is designed to take us out of the flow of the moment, the flow of now and position outside and inside as separate entities. 

But this divide is actually an illusion given by the left brain, as so many experienced meditators can attest to.

Under the separation and divide lies an experience of the world that is deeply connected where nothing is separated from you. In this world, your identity expands to include it all. Let’s call this way of perceiving one of group consciousness as opposed to individual consciousness that every person on this planet is familiar with.

So it is our left brain that perceives the world through a dichotomy. Inside versus outside. Once this basic fundamental divide has been established, all other dichotomies come into being. You and others. Let’s call it the ‘dichotomy of things’. And adding to our ‘dichotomy of things’ we impose value on those things and so we get truth vs fiction, right vs wrong, good vs evil.

But as so many people can attest who have had these enlightening experiences, this dichotomy of things is fundamentally flawed. And science is now backing that up. Our brain doesn’t so much inform us about the world, it participates in its creation. When you look at a tree, just as much feedback is flowing out of the brain as is flowing in. In effect, your brain is predicting that this electrical impulse in your brain is equal to the tree. Can you know ‘tree’? No, not really, you can just agree to believe in the illusion of ‘tree’.

prepare to change

In silence, when I am doing immersive Repatterning retreats, the effects of this illusion dissolve. I look at ripples in the pond and become the ripples. It is as if my identity is no longer contained within the boundaries I call Adele Spraggon, I am all of it, at the same time.

Now is this perspective consistently maintainable? Well, perhaps, I don’t know that. My point here is not that people should walk around immersed in all – but that this is the experience that the whole brain delivers. The other thing I have found is that this state is one of pure joy. Although the world outside, still has all the same problems, me inside, the immersive experience of a world is one of happiness, peace of mind, and optimal responses to my situations. This is whole-brain enlightened thinking. It is available right inside your brain, and there is nowhere you need to go to find it.

In Conclusion…

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Until next time, I wish you all the best,

Adele xo

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