What makes Adele Spraggon different?

8 February, 2022
leadership coach
“What makes Adele Spraggon Different?”, is something that many of our clients have asked. So, I’ve decided to share a blog post that breaks down some of the things that set me apart from the crowd.

A coach is a coach, right?

Well, not exactly. There are all kinds of coaches. Some coaches specialize in different areas of our lives, some work solely with people who are working through trauma, and some coaches work to help you excel in your professional career. That’s just a couple of different segments. My expertise is behaviour change. I work with clients to change how they view and approach problems they face throughout their lives.

Okay fine, but is that all that makes Adele Spraggon different?

Actually, no! I’ve worked really hard to create a proprietary method to help anyone become the best problem solver they can be. If you’re like most people, your brain currently defaults to a specific pattern when faced with an issue. My courses help you to repattern your brain and those reactions that you’ve been experiencing to challenges.

No matter what life throws at you, you’ll have the right tool (Your Brain) to handle it.

But wait, there’s more!

(I’ve always wanted to say that.)

In addition to helping you repattern your brain, I also offer a free trial in the form of a 30-day Challenge. It’s a great way to start the process, It includes a workbook to help you dive deep.

Did I mention that there’s also an equitable payment option? Yup, pay what you can. If you can’t afford the $49.99 monthly membership fee then there are other monthly payment options starting as low as $19.99.

Things you should know about the courses.

Are you looking for Repatterning support and accountability?

This live, coached version of the 4 Step Repatterning Workshop is led by Adele Spraggon and is your eight-week journey to guaranteed results.

These classes are deliberately kept small in size to ensure individual support in every session. You start with your own 90-minute one-on-one Deep Dive Session with Adele, followed by eight live online classes.

All available under our unique Equitable Payment Plan.

No hard sell.

I’m just like you, I hate a hard sell, and I would never want to subject anyone to that type of pressure. You have the option to cancel when you want.

The Journey Begins.

The issues you’re facing are about to become your catalysts for change.

Do you have questions? You can send me a message directly through the website, through Facebook messenger, Instagram and Twitter too.

Learn to see the world differently

Adele’s revolutionary four-step ‘repatterning’ process has helped thousands of people to live fulfilled lives and reach their most precious goals. If you’re ready to stop making the same mistakes, again and again, and make the transition to a more fulfilling and happier life – unlock your free introductory session for a limited time only!


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