Level Two Course: Repatterning Mindset and Emotional Triggers.

(Live On-going Weekly Coaching)

This is an on-going, weekly, group coaching class.

Unlock the secret to maintaining an empowered growth mindset and take control of your emotions with our Level Two Course: Repatterning Mindset and Emotional Triggers.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay consistently positive and resilient, despite your best efforts? Have you been told that positive thinking and affirmations are the key to success, only to discover that they fall short in truly empowering you? If so, this course is the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for.

In a world dominated by left-brain thinking, we often hold onto flawed beliefs that only serve to disempower us, and more often than not, leave us more anxious than relieved.

We’ve been taught to suppress our true emotions, to dismiss them as mere distractions, and to follow a philosophy that prevents us from acknowledging and embracing our emotional guide. But here’s the truth: your emotions are messengers with valuable insights, waiting to guide you towards a more fulfilling life.

Why take this course?

Through this course, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize the way you perceive and interact with your emotions. We’ll challenge the notion that some emotions are good while others are bad, and instead, we’ll empower you to use your emotions as powerful guides. By understanding your emotional patterns and learning which ones serve you and which ones don’t, you’ll gain an unprecedented level of emotional intelligence and unlock the door to a growth mindset that feels natural and innate.

Meet Pat, who, like many others, came to this course desperately trying to be positive but struggling beneath a facade of anxiety. Pat’s worried about finances, regrets about past decisions, and unvalued griefs and fears were all a result of a philosophy that hindered her from truly embracing and following her emotional guide. Like Pat, you too can break free from these limitations and start using your emotions as allies on your journey towards personal and professional success.

Don’t settle for popular approaches that fall short. Join us in this eye-opening course that offers a fresh perspective on emotions and their power to guide you towards a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Repatterning Mindset and Emotional Triggers is offered aa a live, coached class lead by Adele Spraggon at various times throughout the year. To learn more about the Pattern Maker Hub and all it has to offer, click here to book a free- introduction call.

Pre-course, a personal On-boarding call is REQUIRED:

Upon registration, you will receive a link to book your own on-boarding call with Adele. This is a not to be missed, this telephone session is designed to ensure your success in this group class.

Prerequisite​ Required:

The Four Step Repatterning Workshop or a solid understanding of the 4 Step Repatterning Technique using the book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment
You will learn about different emotions and how to identify and label them. The session may explore basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust, as well as more complex emotions like guilt, shame, envy, and pride. Through guided exercises and discussion, you may develop a greater awareness of the nuances of different emotions, and how they can impact your behavior and well-being.
You will learn about the relationship between the two hemispheres and how they impact one’s mindset and behavior. The left brain is often associated with analytical thinking, logic, and language, while positive thinking involves a mindset of optimism, hope, and gratitude.
You will learn about various strategies and techniques for preventing or mitigating avoidant behavior. This may include understanding the root causes of avoidance, such as fear or anxiety, and exploring ways to overcome those underlying issues.
You will learn about the emotional state that you experience most of the time when you are not experiencing a strong emotion. The session would involve exploring techniques for becoming more aware of your emotional state and identifying your baseline emotion, which can help you recognize and manage your emotions more effectively.
Ultimately, the goal of the session is to help you develop a greater understanding of emotions and their impact on your daily life, as well as equip you with practical tools for regulating and managing your emotional experiences.
You will learn about how myths and misconceptions can influence our beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. The session may explore the origins of common myths and how they can be perpetuated by social and cultural factors.
An open Repatterning session (no new learning this week).
Bring you list and get ready to celebrate. Share your breakthroughs as you cross off all the patterns that used to hold you back.

Why join these on-going weekly classes?

Each week you get:
  • Adele’s ongoing support and coaching.
    • Bring whatever issues you are faced with this week and get direct access and support from Adele.

  • A community of fellow Pattern Makers
    • In our left-brain world it helps to be surrounded by whole-brain thinkers who are eager to celebrate your wins and support you when you need it

  • Repatterning Accountability
    • Sometimes the hardest thing about Repatterning is remembering to do it.  Don’t worry. We won’t let you forget.  Each week’s class includes a Repatterning session.

  • Four, Live Coached courses are included in your membership. (a $3,200 value)
    • Once a quarter, a course will be taught live for 8 weeks by Adele. Your group can choose which course you want Adele to teach that quarter. In between each course you get weekly live support and coaching on your area of concern from Adele.