Repatterning Money

(Live On-going Weekly Coaching)

This is an on-going, weekly, group coaching class. We start with the Repatterning Creativity: Create Unique Intellectual That Sells course and continue on with the next course that the group chooses. No obligation, cancel anytime.

Join our community of fellow pattern makers and receive ongoing support to address whatever problems you are facing.

Why take this course?

Money is an interesting pattern. We chase it or fear it. It can be both scarce and never enough. It can make us feel powerful or disempowered.

This course is for those whose patterns for money are not working. By the end of this program you will be creating optimal money patterns that have you feeling in control, trusting, prosperous, able to make money and enjoy money at the same time. 

Stop striving for the golden carrot and relax into wealth.

Pre-course, a personal On-boarding call is REQUIRED:

Upon registration, you will receive a link to book your own on-boarding call with Adele. This is a not to be missed, this telephone session is designed to ensure your success in this group class.

Prerequisite​ Required:

The Four Step Repatterning Workshop or a solid understanding of the 4 Step Repatterning Technique using the book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment

You will learn about the importance of defining what money means to you personally based on your actions, behaviors, and beliefs. The session will explore the different ways in which money impacts our lives, such as providing financial security, enabling us to pursue our goals and aspirations, and supporting our physical and emotional well-being.

One of the key components of this session is to create your money list to define what money means to you based on your actions, behaviors, and beliefs. This involves examining how you currently use and interact with money, and identifying any patterns or habits that may be impacting your financial well-being.

You will learn about how money impacts the functioning of the left and right hemispheres of your brain. The session will explore the different ways in which money affects cognitive processes
You will learn about how our past experiences with money can create patterns that continue to impact our financial behavior and decision-making in the present. The session wil explore the different factors that contribute to our money patterns, such as family upbringing, cultural and societal values, and personal beliefs and attitudes towards money.
You will learn about the relationship between money and feelings of shame or inadequacy. The session will explore the different ways in which shame can impact our relationship with money, such as through overspending or underspending, avoiding financial discussions or decisions, and experiencing feelings of guilt or anxiety about financial situations.
Ultimately, the goal of this session is to help you develop a greater awareness of your own money ceiling and to equip you with practical tools for overcoming self-imposed limitations and achieving greater financial success.
You will learn how to repattern the relationship between our work, our sense of self-worth, and our financial well-being. The session will explore the different ways in which we trade our time and energy for money, such as through traditional employment, freelancing, or entrepreneurship, and the impact that has on our personal and financial lives.
An open Repatterning session (no new learning this week).
Bring you list and get ready to celebrate. Share your breakthroughs as you cross off all the patterns that used to hold you back.

Why join these on-going weekly classes?

Each week you get:
  • Adele’s ongoing support and coaching.
    • Bring whatever issues you are faced with this week and get direct access and support from Adele.

  • A community of fellow Pattern Makers
    • In our left-brain world it helps to be surrounded by whole-brain thinkers who are eager to celebrate your wins and support you when you need it

  • Repatterning Accountability
    • Sometimes the hardest thing about Repatterning is remembering to do it.  Don’t worry. We won’t let you forget.  Each week’s class includes a Repatterning session.

  • Four, Live Coached courses are included in your membership. (a $3,200 value)
    • Once a quarter, a course will be taught live for 8 weeks by Adele. Your group can choose which course you want Adele to teach that quarter. In between each course you get weekly live support and coaching on your area of concern from Adele.