Why Do We Say One Thing and Do Another?

Why Do We Say One Thing and Do Another?

Today, I want to answer the question, why do we say we will do one thing and then do the exact opposite.  Alternatively, say we will not do something and then find ourselves doing exactly that.  For example, when we say, today I am going to start a diet, and then we find ourselves eating cookies in front of the TV, or today I will create a lovely family dinner and then find ourselves nagging our spouse the minute he or she walks through the door.   


a pattern is an intertwined physical
sensation, emotion and thought. 

Knowing that the reason you take an action is because, that is the action that the pattern takes, allows you to change the focus.  Now if you don’t like that action, you can get to work removing the pattern, rather than beating yourself up trying to change something after the fact.   You have plenty of patterns in the pattern box.  Including that pattern that wants you to take a different action.  Remove the one that is not working, and a workable pattern will take its place.

Perfectionism - Is it a Pattern?

Perfectionism - Is it a Pattern?

Today`s video is about perfectionism. 

Perfectionism is a common pattern that affects many and causes them a great deal of anxiety.

If you have the perfectionist pattern, try this: 

Step 1: Create a list of your perceived flaws.  In other words, rather than determining where you want to end up, make a list of what you believe is preventing you from being there.  If, for example, you want to write a book make a list of what is stopping you from writing that book today..  It might look like this:  I don’t know how to write.  People will think it sounds stupid.  I don’t have anything important to say. 

Step 2: Remove the pattern that is under each of these beliefs. 

If you want to know how to removed this pattern get in touch with me, book a free call.   You can also purchase the book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment.  The entire 4 Step technique is right there in that book.  Arming yourself with the tool of repatterning will allow you to continue to be powerful in the face of any change that is coming at us in these rapidly changing times.    

When did 'sell' become a four letter word?

When did 'sell' become a four letter word?

Today I went on a rant about sales.   

When did words like 'Sale' become a bad word?  

The problems which I will cover today are:

  1. When did we as entrepreneurs become so sales adverse?
  2. What are Facebook Transformations? 
  3. When did the conference organizer have to choose between being a business owner or a connector?
  4. When did we forget that knowledge needs to be rewarded?

You have an obligation to your potential client to make the offer.   You have valuable products or services to offer which will help your potential client.  

Are you struggling with distinguishing your sales patterns? I want to help you move forward powerfully today.  Book a free 60-minute call with me today to uncover those patterns.

Let’s talk money.

Let’s talk money.

Do you ever wonder why some people are comfortable only charging $1500 for a program that delivers the exact same results that someone else is comfortable charging $150,000?

Today, let’s talk money. 

First of all, what is money?  Sounds like a strange question doesn’t it. We all have a concept of money but, too few people stop to really inquire what it is. 

What is your answer?  Did you say currency or a medium of exchange?  Did you say, that is backed by gold, or real estate, or government issued bonds? 

In the past, Money was backed by something solid, but today it isn’t even attached to the paper.  Few people carry coins and notes around anymore.

So what is money?  It is numbers on a page.  It is a collective agreement that we all share.

In other words, money is a pattern. 

Find out more book a strategy call today.

Am I a procrastinator?

Am I a procrastinator?

Today I will address something we have all thought or said at some point in our lives:

I am a procrastinator. 

First, I’m going to say something that might sound strange.  There is no such thing as procrastination. Procrastination is a catch-all phrase that doesn’t mean much of anything at all.  You never hear of people procrastinating on watching TV for example, or on eating when hungry. 

Human beings don’t procrastinate, they avoid. 

I urge you to take the first step. If you want, book an assessment call to uncover the fear that is hidden in your blind spot.  But whatever action you choose to take, take it now.  So that you don’t wake up five years from now, in the exact same place you are today.